How to Improve Safety of a Car Park

Car parks are common within the city and as an addition to many buildings. This is an important aspect to consider when planning a building. You need to estimate how many visitors and employees will be coming to the building at any given time and how to accommodate the majority of them.

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In addition to all the planning that revolves around the construction of a car park, you have to consider how to improve safety here as well because both drivers and pedestrians will be interacting in this space. As there will be many pedestrians using the car park, you have to choose materials that provide a safe surface for them to walk on. This means selecting anti-slip surfacing that will hold up in most weather conditions. There is anti-slip paint you can apply routinely and this will minimise the number of accidents in the car park. And any coating you use will contribute to the durability of the surface as well. You can choose different colours to give an indication of where to go and to serve as a guide to both pedestrians and drivers. Also, you can experiment with different colours depending on their opacity levels.

There is a level of automation you can bring to a car park to create a safer environment. This also contributes to efficient operation of the car park system. For example, you can have a light guided parking system in place so that there are sensors equipped with a light to let any drivers know of unoccupied bays. Gone are the days when you have to desperately keep looking for spaces to park circling the lot several times. This reduces the congestion created by drivers looking for a place to park. This information can also be displayed at the entrance to the car park so that drivers know exactly how many unoccupied bays are available. If the car park is full, they will not have to waste time looking for a spot that is not available.

There has to be sufficient pedestrian walkways in a car park. Separating these walkways from traffic increases their safety and takes some of the anxiety off drivers as well. There are certain regulations you need to follow when creating walkways to ensure that they are universally accessible. If there are ramps or slopes, there is a certain angle that you are required to construct them at to ensure a wheelchair user can easily navigate them. Bright signage is very important so that everyone in the car park understands what they are meant to do. The demarcations between the driveways and the pedestrian walkways should have high visibility markings so that there is no question about which path is for which person. By reducing any confusion in the car park, you can reduce the number of accidents. But there is a lot of maintenance that goes into keeping these markings crisp and clear. You may need to redo them now and then to ensure they remain visible.