How Do You SEO Optimize A Website? A Business Owner’s Guide

Getting your website SEO optimized is one of the best things you could do. Let’s run through the ways you can get this done. 

Create Quality Back Links

One of the best ways you can improve your SEO ranking is by getting quality bank links. This means you’ll have to create content that would get a range of people linking back to you. This is due to how trust worthy your posts are. 

As a result, your site needs to have a blog section. You’ll need a range of writers to contribute to your domain. They’ll produce articles for your blog section, helping you. As the articles should be high quality, you’re best off hiring writers that are experts at their job. 

A Mobile Friendly Site

With the introduction of Google’s Mobile Index, mobile friendliness influences your site’s ranking. You may think that all sites are mobile friendly, but this isn’t the case.

It’s unfortunate that in 2020 a lot aren’t. Not only would this hinder your rankings, but also your ability to get customers as most people work on their phones. So, if your site isn’t accessible on mobile devices, customers aren’t going to run to their computers to check you out. 

Article Length 

Your website should have articles that are very long. No, they shouldn’t be 10000 pages each, but they should be longer than most of your competitors’. This would tell Google that a lot of people are spending time on your site, which would boost your rankings. 

You should get a word counter and pass the first 10 competitive links into them. Get a hold of the average word count and exceed it. Of course, you should be careful that you searched for the proper keyword and used the most accurate word counter. 

Let Google Know What You’re Talking About 

You should place keywords naturally throughout your article. It’s a must that you have your primary keyboard in the heading and in the first few sentences. This is what would let you show up in search results. This is why you need to ensure you have the best keywords. Preferably, an SEO specialist should be working with you. 

A Fast Site 

Google knows when your site is slow. They factor it into SEO rankings which is why your site should’ve been made by a quality web developer. He would ensure that everything runs smoothly by limiting the clutter on your site. 

Thankfully, this is an easy fix. And you can get to know how slow your site is through a range of tools, so get searching. 

Create Good Content 

Yeah, the above points would help people find you, but you need to make sure you produce content that people are actually searching for. This would help increase traffic to your site, increasing your search engine rank. 

Nevertheless, there are more points you should know about. Everything we ran through are the most important, so make use of them.