How to Add Cloud Solutions to Your IT Company Portfolio

Cloud is no longer a novelty service. It’s increasingly becoming an essential aspect of doing business. Companies from the tiniest start-up to large corporations now rely on cloud-based software for conducting day-to-day business. IT companies can significantly enhance product offerings by bundling cloud solutions. Offering cloud services in addition to existing software or other digital products could attract new and loyal customers as well. Therefore, here are several suggestions for adding cloud solutions to an IT company’s existing offering list:

Offer “in the Cloud” Services

The best way to get customers to purchase cloud products is to offer so-called “in the cloud” products. Not only does this function as a brand extension for your IT business, but it’s also known to improve customer retention levels. Cloud-based solutions have proven to lead to more engagement with IT products. Therefore, consolidate existing, non-connected products with “in the cloud” synching for a more desirable offer.

Bundle Telecom Services

Boost your cloud offerings with NBN wholesale by partnering up with a local service provider. It will make the process of switching from analogue to digital seamless for customers who need it. Because of third-party service providers, IT companies no longer have to deal with carriers to offer telecom packages. You can make the cloud offering more desirable with a telecom option as well.

Focus on a Line of Services

Offer customers options for cloud, because they will be looking for that. The product line should include cloud hosting, co-hosting, managed IT, and hybrid offerings to remain competitive. It can be an effort to make a suite of products available, but it will give your IT brand a major market advantage. The cloud solutions business is a crowded market after all.

Improved Security is a Must

The most important aspect of any cloud package customers will be looking for is the security. Do not underestimate how important security is to cloud providers as well as purchasers. Therefore, the products your IT company offers must have top-of-the-line security enhancements. The data protection responsibility is the provider’s burden. Carefully analyse and consider all the risks before implementing security solutions. Cloud solutions without security are no solutions at all in the modern market.

Make Sure the Cloud Solutions are Services

It’s absolutely important that what your business offers is actually a cloud service, not a local cloud-based product. Customers only seek on-demand services. Anything less is known in the industry as “cloud washing” and doesn’t do anything significant to boost branded IT products. Make sure your company makes this differentiation before rushing to offer a “cloud” product.

Don’t underestimate the power of the cloud. Roughly, three years ago, close to half of late cloud adopters wished the company had done so much earlier. Waiting to offer cloud solutions can set your company back and give an unnecessary lead to the competition. The competing business can start to offer their services with cloud connection, in which case your business could end up in a perilous situation. Therefore, use the above suggestions to add cloud solutions without losing your market advantage now.