4 Signs That a Career in Education is Right for You

Pursuing a career in education can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, but how do you know if it’s right for you? Like any job path, there are a few qualities that might make you more suited to a role in this field.

Take a look at our top four signs that you’re cut out to work in education…


You see potential in everyone 

The beauty of working in the education industry is that you have the potential to shape people from all walks of life. Education has the power to bring out the best in people, so whether you’re working at a primary, secondary or tertiary level it’s vital that you believe in the potential of the people around you. Like any job, working in education can get challenging at times, but this ability to really care for the future of students is what makes a great educator.


You love building relationships with others

Working in education is all about building relationships. If you work in a school, you need to connect with students and families. If you’re a department head, you need to foster great working partnerships with other professionals in order to provide the best opportunities for students. These relationships are pivotal to working in the education sector as your role will undoubtedly impact countless others. So, if you’re someone who really enjoys connecting with others, this might just be the job for you.

You want to make a difference in your role

It might sound cliché, but working in education really is a unique opportunity to shape the world and the people in it. Whether you’re a teacher, a principle, a year level coordinator or a curriculum developer, you will be working to ensure that students receive an education they can count on. Beyond the classroom, educators have the power to improve the wellbeing of young people in a real, tangible way. If you’re seeking a career that makes a lasting impact, then education is it. Like we said, cliché but true.


You’re not afraid to be a leader

If stepping up to the plate and taking charge are your strong points, then the education industry might just be the place for you. When it comes to working in a school or university, the best leaders are ones who can take initiative where needed while still being a pillar of support for their students and community.

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