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Tips for Making Healthy Choices on Footwear

It is very important to select footwear that fit your feet properly and provides sufficient support. Otherwise, it can lead to a plethora of foot problems. People generally tend to ignore the health of their feet until they experience pain or any other issue. It is at this time they truly understand how much we depend on our feet. So it is no brainer that you need to choose the right shoe to ensure that your feet are kept comfortable.
The main consideration for selecting a shoe is identifying the activity that you will be engaged in when wearing it. You have to think about the surface your feet will be on to get an idea of the level of support required. When you spend a lot of time on hard surfaces like concrete, this can lead to forefoot and heel pain. Sometimes, you will notice that your feet have developed calluses as a result. This is because there is increased stress on the feet. So you need to have supportive shoes that come with soft innersoles and soles. Good arch support will help in effective weight distribution so that your heel and forefoot are not the only areas that pressure is concentrated on.

If you are playing a certain sport, you should select footwear that is specially designed for it so that it can absorb shock adequately. To further increase the support and comfort level of the shoe, you can use shoe inserts. There are soft insoles you can buy from sports stores. You can also visit a podiatrist to see how your foot posture can be changed. They will prescribe insoles for this that is customised specifically to your feet. These will be more costly than what you will be able to purchase on the market. Make sure you alternate your shoes from day to day so that the posture of your foot is maintained. It also ensures that the load is distributed over a wider range of muscles and joints. And giving your footwear a rest will allow them to dry properly and prevent the growth of bacteria. This is especially important for sports footwear so that the foam cushion has time to rebound extending its life.
A good footwear option for harsh environments is lace up boots. This maintains the alignment of your leg contributing to even distribution of pressure on the muscles and ligaments on the sides of your feet. To prevent the movement of your ankle joint from getting restricted, you have to stay away from boots that are too high above the ankle. Look for boots that come with a padded tongue. Many of us understand the physical stress exerted on our feet when wearing high heels. This is an unnatural position for your foot to be in and wearing these for long can put a lot of stress on your neck and back. And if you wear high heels for a long time over a long duration, you will find that it affects your posture permanently. The forefoot undergoes a lot of pressure with high heels which leads to calluses.