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The Perks of Professionalism – Giving Your Company an Executive Makeover

Presenting an executive image to the public not only raises your company’s profile, but it conveys to the business world professionalism. While there are many ways businesses can do this, one of the first ways to make an impression on clients is with office space. Office space that comes with furnishings and other amenities conveys to the world that your business is here to take care of business.

Furthermore, the Australian commercial real estate presents businesses of all sizes and types with choices from a range of office formats including the serviced office, virtual office and the co-working spaces. For businesses currently experiencing business growth, you might not feel the need to dress your business up. However, as your business grows, high profile clients might be turned off, and worse yet, turned away because your business does not reflect high standards, regardless of how much expertise you have.

Let’s take a closer look at why it’s so important to choose an office space that projects a professional image to the public.


While many of Australia’s urban centres are attractive to tourists and businesses, finding suitable office space can be difficult if going the traditional route. Office rents are often high in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, even during a buyer’s market. For this reason, many businesses flock to serviced offices to provide them with a range of office plans that suit their needs. Servcorp Australia, for example, has a range of plans that run from the standard serviced office to executive suites.

Even better for businesses is that Servcorp customers can choose from 28 premium office space locations. This is important because typically these leasing outfits are centrally located and in some of the more prestigious areas in the city. Ultimately, this translates into your business having an impressive street address and phone number, and one that is more affordable to conventional leases in the same location.


The great thing about serviced offices is that many of them come with a range of options to meet the needs of your business. The virtual office and co-working spaces offer startups, small businesses, and the self-employed affordable office solutions in places that can help them generate traffic and attract clients. Furthermore, these office plans work for tight budgets by allowing companies to lease space in prestigious locations at a much-reduced rate.

As your business grows, these same outfits can easily modify your lease to meet the new demands of your office. If leasing with some of the larger, international outfits, businesses gain the advantage of working in locations around, relocating with little-to-no downtime, and using their lease to test new markets. For businesses, the serviced office presents them with a win-win situation.

Professional Image

One of the best qualities of choosing a serviced office plan is that these spaces are regularly outfitted with corporate-grade office furniture and equipment. In addition to plush, modern furniture, and in many cases marble flooring, these offices come staffed with receptionists and other office support staff that help with the everyday operations of your business. These amenities help put forward the right image that is oftentimes needed to convince potential clients that your outfit is a professional one.

World-Class Technology

When choosing any serviced office plan, your business in Australia benefits from having professionally trained IT staff at your service. More than the staffing, your business also benefits from having access to world-class technology. For businesses who choose to opt with the virtual office, reliable, high quality IT services are part and parcel of doing business in today’s landscape.

Making Over Your Business’s Image

Interestingly, while many of these office plans look expensive, they typically are much less when compared with conventional leases. Moreover, Australia’s urban centres offer businesses the opportunity to take advantage of these leases which professionally fit out your office on a dime. Fortunately, today’s businesses do not have to sacrifice image for cost, as the multitude of office plans can fit out their needs.